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75 Fragrance Free Dog Wipes

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Both alcohol-free and plant-based, the Fragrance Free Pet Wipes are a fast and convenient way to keep your dog or catclean and healthy, daily. Each wipe is soft yet strong, and can be used on the ears, nose, paws, butt and sensitive areas. These wipes offer a gentle cleanse that will wipe off dirt while retaining the skin moisture.


  • Unscented Dog Wipes For Paws And Butt Contains zero fragrance additives that can harm your pets.
  • Can Wash All Parts Of Dog Body can be used on ears, nose, paws, butt, and sensitive areas.
  • Bathing Alternative Freshen up between baths and deodorize paws, coats, behinds, and more with these doggie wipes.
  • Convenient & Portable These 75-count pet cleaning wipes are stored in a handy dispenser canister that’s easy to carry on the go.


Alcohol-Free & Plant-Based

    First Edition Original Style,Silver Paw Fall2020Collection

    Designed With Love in Canada

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