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Pizza Box Cat Toy

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Introducing the 2 IN 1 PIZZA AND PIZZA BOX, the exciting new cat toy that combines two toys in one! This innovative toy features a plush pizza piece that can be inserted inside a pizza box, creating a fun and interactive play experience for your furry friend.

The pizza piece is attached to a string, allowing you to dangle it in front of your cat and encourage them to play. The crinkle paper inside the pizza adds an extra layer of stimulation for your cat, as the sound will entice them and keep them engaged.

The pizza box, on the other hand, is filled with catnip, providing an added layer of attraction and excitement.

Whether you have a curious kitten or a playful senior cat, the 2 IN 1 PIZZA AND PIZZA BOX is the perfect toy to keep them entertained and active.

The compact design makes it easy to store when not in use, and the fun and interactive design will keep your cat entertained for hours.


  • 2 in 1 Toy
  • Size:4” x3.5“x1.75
  • CatnipInside


  • Polyester

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