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Potty Patch – Reusable Dog Trainer


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Whether youre potty training a new puppy or just want to ensure your dogs comfort while youre away from home, the Potty Patch is a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. The three-tier layer system ensures all messes stay contained and makes cleaning extra easy. Made with anti-microbial and odor-resistant materials, its attractive and appeals to your furry companions just like they are outside.Convenience at its finest!


  • Three-tier layer system
  • Porous grass avoids wet paws after use
  • Reinforced tray to support your pup without damaging the grass
  • Comes in 2 sizes for small and bigger dogs
  • Silvershield Coating


Artificial Grass Layer
Plastic Tray

First Edition Original Style,Silver Paw Fall2020Collection

Designed With Love in Canada

Additional information

Weight 3.60 kg

27×17, 27:man:4


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